workshops by SC

workshops by SC

workshops by sc is part of the Scribblers Collective which is focused on the education of calligraphy, penmanship and hand-lettering in Singapore..



Rachel @LetteringInPhosphenes is the Scribblers Collective's resident modern calligrapher and watercolourist. She is one of the most versatile modern calligraphers in Singapore, being adept in multiple variants of the script. Her recent notable works includes participation in styled shoot with vendors in the wedding industry to an artwork display for Singapore's Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2017

Nichole @NicNKotori is the Scribblers Collective's Roundhand expert. She has spent countless hours studying the fine intricacies of the script, and has extensive experience with the dip pen. She also has an eye for detail in design, and is responsible for all visuals in the Scribblers Collective. To date, her works were featured in both print and online media like Harpers' Bazaar and also collaborates with brands. Her calligraphy style is known to be (quoted by media)" traditional yet romantic and exquisite altogether!". 

Yaki UJohn @YakiUjohn is the Scribblers Collective third generation calligrapher. He primarily focuses on classical scripts such as Roundtext, Spencerian, and Roundhand. Being appointed to write for the Istana in support of President's Challenge, he calligraphed the full invitation details for their private event, while the rest of the team calligraphed the names for their guests. 

Nathaniel @Nathanielong is Scribblers Collective's Handletterer. He draws words and strategically manages the placement of the different lettering styles which sometimes includes brush lettering, flourishes, decorative elements and more. His recent works primarily revolves around iPad lettering and Chalkboard lettering. To date, his works can be seen in places like Arteastiq and Little Farms. 

Mye De Leon @myedeleon is Scribblers Collective's lettering artist, designer and author of  Mastering Hand-Lettering. She specializes in traditional hand-drawn letters using pen and paper.  Known for her mastery of multiple letter styles, she has worked with various clients globally for a campaigns, advertising, posters, book covers, t-shirt designs, logotype designs to name a few.





Copperplate Calligraphy

Suitable for complete beginners

In recent years, Copperplate calligraphy has been adopted as an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of pointed pen calligraphy styles that is very similar. The key differences between the scripts stem from reasons like origin, key historical events and more. 

In our revamped workshop series, our Introduction to Generic Copperplate will walk you through a few selected Copperplate styles and understand some basic fundamental differences between the different hands. This will help you be more aware of what to look out for. Subsequently, you will learn how to form basic strokes, form letters and words in a chosen Copperplate style depending on the artist that is teaching the session. 

Modern Calligraphy

Suitable for complete beginners

Traditional Calligraphy has gone through many changes and we’ve seen countless variations over the years. In recent years, Modern calligraphy styles has been making it rounds with more people jumping on the Calligraphy bandwagon because of it. 

In our revamped workshop series, our Introduction to Modern Calligraphy will walk you through a few selected Modern calligraphy styles and understand some basic fundamentals that’ll allow you to create a variety of modern styles. Also, you will learn how to form basic strokes, form letters and words in a chosen Modern calligraphy style depending on the artist that is teaching the session. 


Suitable for complete beginners

Hand-lettering has gotten so much attention as of late. In this digital age where designing work is usually done in the computer, people crave for human connection and therefore, the demand for handmade art has increased! Lettering is a very effective way of conveying a message or an idea that fonts simply cannot achieve.

You too, can learn and master this craft! In this whole day workshop, you will learn about the principles of hand-lettering as well as techniques and process in creating beautiful letterforms. If you have been confused about how to begin, this is the perfect class for you! You will go home with a ton of knowledge and a finished artwork by the end of the class!