(22nd Dec, 11am -2pm) Christmas Edition: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with @letteringinphosphenes

(22nd Dec, 11am -2pm) Christmas Edition: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with @letteringinphosphenes




Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Rachel Koh - See our Calligrapher's profile and Instagram here
Max Class size: 12


Adler Hostel, 259 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058808
(5 mins walk from Chinatown Station)


22nd Dec 2018 (Saturday), 11am - 2pm


Rachel @LetteringInPhosphenes is the Scribblers Collective's resident modern calligrapher and watercolourist. She is one of the most versatile modern calligraphers in Singapore, being adept in multiple variants of the script.

A writer and aesthete at heart, Rachel has always been in love with words. Circa 2016 saw the start of her calligraphy hobby, and since then, a humble interest in the art of writing has grown into something that she did not even dare to dream of in its inception. Her favourite part of calligraphy is in the personal touch it lends to writing – something that can’t be replicated.


As Christmas draws near, this is the perfect time to pick up a new skill to add that classic personal touch to all your festive cards and gifts! Learn the basics of modern calligraphy in this three-hour workshop - from the correct writing form to writing letters and creating flourishes. All the necessary tools will be provided in this workshop for you to start your lettering journey. 

As part of the package, you will also receive special Christmas themed lettering worksheets, quote exemplars, and a full-size hand-painted card to match the occasion.  This workshop is also perfect for friends and couples who are looking to spend some quality time with each other, bonding over learning a new skill. Come with the heart to learn, and let us do the rest! 

No prior experience in lettering or calligraphy is required to join in the fun as we learn all the skills to create that perfect handmade card for all those whom we are thankful for during this festive season! This class is also suitable for novice learners who have had a little experience with pointed pen calligraphy, or other forms of lettering (brush calligraphy, watercolour lettering etc).

MATERIALS (Take-home)

  • 1x 30ml bottle of ink

  • 2x nibs (one beginner, one intermediate nib)

  • 1x Nib Holder

  • 1x full-sized pan of finetec metallic colour (gold or rose gold, subject to availability)

  • A5 Rhodia Calligraphy Writing Pad

  • Lettering and Drills Worksheets

  • Christmas Edition Lettering Worksheets 

  • Christmas Edition Quote Exemplars

  • Christmas Edition Hand-painted Card



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