Exploring Modern Calligraphy - Registration of Interest

Exploring Modern Calligraphy - Registration of Interest


As we are taking some time to confirm details for this workshop, add this listing to the cart with your details and we will drop you an email when the class is confirmed! 

*Our advanced workshops are: 

  • Seasonal

  • Kept at a very small class size compared to our introductory class

This is to ensure our participants are given full attention to improving/learning the calligraphy style.



Location: TBC
Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Rachel K - See our Calligrapher's profile and Instagram here
Class size: 6-8
Workshop fee: $150/pax; $50 for returning Modern Calligraphy students


In this workshop, you are expected to be somewhat familiar with the pen. There will be a short refresher on how to use the pen, but we will not focus on how to use it. 

We will focus more on how to form each of the letters and how to give them a modern touch. 

Since this class focuses on the script, you may choose to use any of the following pens:

Straight Pen with Pointed Nib, Brush Pen, Oblique Pen with Pointed Nib.

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An example of how Modern Calligraphy is being executed by our team instructor Rachel (@letteringinphosphenes) :