(16th June, 2-5pm) Introduction to Hand-Lettering with @myedeleon

(16th June, 2-5pm) Introduction to Hand-Lettering with @myedeleon



Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Mye - See our Lettering artist’s profile and Instagram here
Max Class size: 12
Class require minimum 5 students to proceed.

Workshop fee: $140/pax + Complimentary one-time access to our bi-monthly clinic session

Frequency: Held once a month. 

DATES (2018)

16th June - 2-5pm


The Hive Lavender

Nearest train station: 3 mins walk from Bendemeer/ Lavender


Mye De Leon @myedeleon is Scribblers Collective's lettering artist, designer and author of  Mastering Hand-Lettering. She specializes in traditional hand-drawn letters using pen and paper.  Known for her mastery of multiple letter styles, she has worked with various clients globally for a campaigns, advertising, posters, book covers, t-shirt designs, logotype designs to name a few.


Hand-lettering has gotten so much attention as of late. In this digital age where designing work is usually done in the computer, people crave for human connection and therefore, the demand for handmade art has increased! Lettering is a very effective way of conveying a message or an idea that fonts simply cannot achieve.

You too, can learn and master this craft! In this whole day workshop, you will learn about the principles of hand-lettering as well as techniques and process in creating beautiful letterforms. If you have been confused about how to begin, this is the perfect class for you! You will go home with a ton of knowledge and a finished artwork by the end of the class!

What will you Learn:

- Basic Principles of Typography
- Drawing Letters
- Composition and Hierarchy
- Hand-Lettering Process
- Styling and Shadowing
- Tracing and Inking

Practice with us after class! - Bring your Own Materials

Learning and practise is more than just a 3-hour affair. In the efforts to encourage continuing education/practice and a learning community, we have a series of bi-monthly clinic session where you get to sit in and practice with us. 


All our past workshop students get a complimentary access to our 2-hour clinic/art-jam session (U.P. $20). 

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